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What is the best way to exhibit extra large sets, like Taj Mahal?

Before buying our dream set (Taj Mahal) we are wondering with my Wife how to exhibit it properly? The set is much larger than any other construction we have (23.03x19.29x7.48 inches) and will not fit ...
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Lubricating train axles - which oil to use?

I have a lot of old (80s grey era and 90s 9v) trains. Some of the wheels squeak and many have quite a bit of friction. Sometimes this friction causes the locomotive to detach from the rollingstock ...
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Do extra parts add to set's resell value?

When I build a set I tend to keep the box and instructions as I noticed they add to the value of the set. I also keep the extra parts in the box but I'm not so sure if they add actual value. My ...
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Why are my pieces breaking? "3612 Arm piece straight with 2 and 3 fingers"

I've dug up my old LEGO (from 1990's) and most bricks are simply scratched and dirty. However, the arm pieces 3612 break on touch! Are they simply a bad, too thin, design, or is there something more ...
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Will my mighty white rocket yellow in direct sunlight?

I recently bought the Saturn V and placed it on my windowsill where the rocket is exposed to the direct impact of sunbeams every day. Having encountered several yellowing effects on older white parts ...
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Do WHITE LEGO elements fade or yellow while sealed for years, or do they stay their perfect white original color?

I was wondering if anyone has opened a sealed set like Taj Mahal or Star Wars UCS Imperial Shuttle after it had been sealed for years, and if so, were the white LEGO elements still perfectly white, or ...
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10 votes
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Protecting a minifig from wear

I've purchased a few of the Lego keychain minifigs. Each time I've bought a new one was to replace the previous one because it had most or all of the paint rubbed off from going in and out of pockets ...
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Is there a way to buy printed pieces to replace stickers?

I don't like stickers on my lego models. Does lego sell pieces with custom printed designs, so I can have newer lego models with all printed pieces like the old days? If not, how do I print designs ...
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What is the best way to preserve a LEGO model after it has been built? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How can I store LEGO bricks as long as possible? How do you store your built models for long term display? I want to preserve my sons LEGO ships after they are built. Is ...
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Will my LEGO bricks discolor in indirect sunlight?

I have a bunch of new LEGO sets because of my new status as an AFOL. I've got them sitting on the dresser in a room that gets indirect sunlight (see below). There is no direct rays hitting the LEGO ...
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