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Questions related to Pybricks MicroPython for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 and LEGO Powered Up devices.

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Powered Up/Pybricks custom electronics?

The Pybricks documentation has a page for "custom devices", with a picture that shows circuit boards with Lego compatible cables attached. Additionally, the class that goes along with the ...
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How I can connect the LEGO SPIKE Prime hub via Bluetooth in Visual Studio Code using the pybricksdev library?

I'm trying to send some data from the hub to the terminal for some debug. But I can't figure out how I can connect the hub via Bluetooth to my PC. I tried to look in the API documentation and maybe I ...
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Pybricks on Android Tablet

I have a ZTE Grand View 4 Tablet (K87CA), 8 inch screen, Android 10, with 2GB RAM, and the screen is blank when I go to Nothing happens.
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EV3 not recognizing resistance correctly (MicroPython)

I recently tried measuring the resistance of a thermistor using the .resistance() method, the results are sadly not accurate. I measured the resistance with a multimeter and it showed 100kΩ, while the ...
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Why does Pybricks on ev3dev have slow performance compared to EV3-G?

I got MINDSTORMS EV3 for my son and me. We installed Python (ev3dev) and ii seems to be running very slowly. I tried setting up the classic LEGO ev3g (block code), and that seems to run fine. Are we ...
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Help with my Ev3 printer

I'm building an image printer using my ev3 set and several more pieces, as a project to keep me occupied while I'm stuck at home. Here's how it looks: I've done the build part, the way I've chosen to ...
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Why is my EV3 status light pulsing? (ev3dev)

I am using EV3 micropython (ev3dev?). When I upload the below program to my EV3, I see on the screen the usual play button image which looks approximately like the below ASCII art: ...
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Why doesn't my LEGO Micropython remote control program work?

I am writing an EV3 micropython program meant to test my remote, but it does not work. When I run it, I see no errors at all. Instead, I just see a "play" symbol and the program continuously ...
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EV3 screen stuck at starting after inserting MicroSD card

I followed the official guide to download microPython and flash it onto an empty MicroSD card (SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB), but the EV3 screen is now stuck at "Starting" after I insert the MicroSD card. ...
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How do I make a single arm double tap a piano key?

I am trying to make a Lego play piano from ev3, where I have connected two arms to a single motor on either side using Lego elements. Both the arms move counterclockwise to one another (if one plays ...
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