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Questions tagged [rcx]

The original LEGO Mindstorms Programmable Brick. Use this tag if your question specifically relates to Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0.

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12 votes
5 answers

Lego Mindstorms RCX RIS 2.0 IR tower Windows 7 / XP driver

So I've recently dug up my old Lego Mindstorms RIS 2.0 (RCX) and have spent the past few days trying to install it into my Windows 7 laptop. It worked fine, except it could not find the correct ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Where can I download the software for old RCX-era Mindstorms sets?

These days I've been coming across a lot of people who've purchased used MINDSTORMS sets from the RCX era, only to find they didn't come with a CD. And in order to use the set, assuming that using an ...
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11 votes
6 answers

RCX firmware download problem

I hope someone can help me with a problem with getting an original RCX 1.0 system working with a current PC. I bought the RCX 1.0 system back in (I think) 2000 but its been in storage a long time. In ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Good LEGO CAD Design Software with Technic elements and animation

I'm taking computer engineering in Gr. 11 right now and our final project is to create a robot with the first version of Mindstorms. My partner and I are making a sumo robot for the class competition. ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How to load an RCX from a modern system?

I recently bought a new in box 1.5 Mindstorms kit featuring the RCX. My computer unfortunately does not have a 9-pin connection, and the software does not appear to work on Windows 10. Short of buying ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Lego 3804, Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0 on Windows 10

I gave my grandson (11 years old) the LEGO 3804 Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0. He built a couple things and when he tried to install software to program what he built, the computer would ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Use legacy RCX sensors with EV3

In NXT-G, there was a "Legacy" Block pack which had blocks to allow for the use of RCX motors/sensors with the NXT, as long as you had a converter cable. However, the EV3 software does not have this, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Vision Command and Exploration Mars software for Mindstorms RIS 2.0

I recently bought a set 3804 LEGO Mindstorms RIS (Robotics Invention System) v2.0 very well maintained but did not have the installation CD of the RCX program and IR tower. With some research on the ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Lego Mindstorms RCX RIS 2.0 IR tower Windows 10 64-bit driver

I found this question: Lego Mindstorms RCX RIS 2.0 IR tower Windows 7 / Windows XP driver and I wanted to ask if someone found a solution. But due to my lack of reputation I couldn't create a ...
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23 votes
3 answers

What are the differences between the NXT and the RCX?

What are the differences between the NXT and the RCX? I know that the NXT is newer, but what features does it have that the RCX doesn't have, and vice versa (if the RCX has features that the NXT doesn'...
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16 votes
2 answers

Can I use RCX sensors and motors with the NXT brick?

I have a bunch of motors and sensors from the original Mindstorms set. It seems a shame I can't use these with the more recent NXT set. Are there any unofficial modifications that allow you to convert ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Where can I get RCX 1.0 software?

We've got a LEGO RCX 1.0 without any Software. I've installed the USB IR Tower, what should I do now? I've downloaded the EV3 Software from the LEGO homepage and thought I could use this, but I don't ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Lego RCX to NXT converter cables not working properly with EV3

I recently got some of these cables(see picture below) to control an old RCX motor. Some things to note before reading on. I tried both the medium and large motor blocks and played around with power, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Serial tower RCX 1.0 works with NQC but flakey with RIS 2.0

Had this baby for 20 years at this point. Some rubber rot on the cables, but other than that, the set's in great shape. RCX 1.0 with DC-in port. Serial tower. Fresh batteries in tower and RCX. I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can Power Functions components work with the RCX?

I don't have the RCX, and neither do I have any PF stuff, but as they both have wire connectors which are almost identical, I'm thinking that they can both work together and are compatible. Is this ...
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BricxCC not seeing Serial Tower in Windows 10

Same problem with both the native 9-pin serial port and with a USB to 9-pin Serial adapter. Using Lego's original cable. Start BricxCC Version 3.3 (Build It asks for the connection ...
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