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Procuring alternative rubber bands

I am reassembling old sets from my LEGO collection and, naturally, some parts are missing. Many parts are easy to get on Bricklink, but some parts are either missing or too expensive to buy for the ...
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Minifigure Torso Cracks

So I recently picked up the new Star Wars AT-AP and I was quite please with what I got, but after not even a week The awesome Commander Gree Figure had a torso crack that went from the bottom of the ...
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16 votes
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Is it possible to obtain a replacement part for a collectible minifigure?

My son's latest collectible minifigure purchase was missing its legs. Is it possible to get a replacement set of legs?
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How does LEGO handle the breakage of Hero Factory sockets?

My son has a slowly growing collection of Hero Factory figures, and they have accumulated a consistent problem: socket connector cracking. The tips of the angular part of the limb which connects to a ...
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Set missing all the Minifigures and a few other parts

When I got the Quinjet set, I dug through every bag but the manufacturers forgot a few pieces and my set didn't have any minifigures. How can I get the missing minifigures and the parts I'm missing?
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Where are the cloth / fabric minifigure capes / cloaks in my set?

I purchased The Mines of Moria (Lego Lord of the Rings item 9473) directly from The Big Store in Legoland, Florida. When I opened it up at home, the capes / cloaks for Pippin and Boromir were missing....
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I'm missing a few pieces in my XingBao set

I just finished the second floor of XingBao's 5052 piece Maritime Museum. And while I'm pretty impressed with the overall quality of the building, I thusfar am missing 4 parts. Is there a way I can ...
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