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ROBOTC is a development environment that can be used to program LEGO RCX, NXT and EV3 (as well as VEX, RCX, and Arduino robots) using a programming language based on the C programming language.

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Daisy chaining EV3 with RobotC

I'm trying to run EV3 programs with RobotC and trying run on EV3 Daisy Chaining. I have three independent EV3 bricks labelled A,B,C. I want, according to the color reading by the color sensor on ...
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Lego EV3 simulator and programming

I've been searching and testing for hours. There is little information on this subject though. I have some specific requirements for a Lego EV3 simulator and programming environment. I do not want to ...
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Bluetooth communication between computer and nxt using RobotC

I'm thinking starting a project involving controlling the movement of a NXT robot from the PC using RobotC. Is it possible? Does anyone have a simple code solution?
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