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Anything related to robots; automated machines that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention and often with speed and precision.

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How To Ensure Only One Brick is Fed Into a Lego Sorting Machine at a Time?

In this video, they create a machine that can take a bunch of legos put on to a conveyor belt and, using a camera, sort them into a number of categories. I am building a (smaller) version of this, and ...
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EV3 SPIK3R Mission 2 doesn't move

So I was building Spik3r and I thought I got mission 2 completed. Wheels are turning, legs are moving but the robot just does not move. It looks like the small wheels should be moving the robot but ...
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Are there any Open-Source bricks projects for robotics?

I mean some bricks like Lego/Meccano with a community like Instructables site, those share their models and robots with others. Also the 3D models of bricks(in solidworks format for example) are free ...
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