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Questions related to rubber bands, primarily used for belts, pulleys, springs, etc.

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Is there a good alternative for Lego elastic/rubber bands? [duplicate]

My son has got a few sets which include elastic bands, for suspension etc. however these seem to break and/or get lost. Is there a good alternative? Or is it best to just order them from Bricklink?
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How can I prevent rubber bands disintegrating?

These two answers partially answer this question., but I think it's worth its own question to find more options in a more comprehensive answer. Old Lego rubber bands are known to become brittle over ...
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Are silicone rubber bands safe for LEGO?

I'd like to build some custom sets using rubber bands but I don't have any spare original LEGO rubber bands (and I'd need several anyway). Since I had bad experience with rubber objects touching LEGO ...
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Procuring alternative rubber bands

I am reassembling old sets from my LEGO collection and, naturally, some parts are missing. Many parts are easy to get on Bricklink, but some parts are either missing or too expensive to buy for the ...
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Examples of LEGO Rubber Bands Used For Friction Enclosure?

I'm working on a variant design for a MOC that includes a cover over an open area. The new design is based on a suggestion for a "cookie jar" style design made in another of my questions, LEGO ...
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What do the 'X' and 'K' codes mean for rubber bands?

I see that LEGO rubber bands/gaskets are often associated with a number preceded by an 'x,' such as 'x71' for the small/18 mm bands. A few bands also have a 'K' prefix, such as 'K4' for the large/30 ...
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What are LEGO rubber bands made of?

I have noticed that LEGO rubber bands (along with just about everything else LEGO) are fantastically durable. They last ages without getting crusty and dying like most commonly available rubber bands....
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How can I remove a rubber band from a pulley?

We have a pulley and a bunch of rubber bands: We don't know that part numbers, but they all were part of a Mindstorms (RCX 2.0) set. My son was trying use the pulley and band to transfer power to ...
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