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Scratch is a visual block-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab.

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When using Mindstorms Scratch-like development tool for EV3, is it possible to move a single or a few selected blocks somehow?

Say I have 10 random blocks in a line. Is it possible to move number 4 to position 1 without also moving block 5-10? As far as I have managed to move blocks all following blocks also gets moved even ...
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2 votes
3 answers

"Heads up! Could not open project" error message when opening project

When I try to open my project it gives me error saying "Heads up! Could not open project". Could you please help me? Let me know if you want me to share the file. We were working on that ...
9 votes
1 answer

Which is better for youngsters to learn - LEGO Mindstorms for LabVIEW or Scratch?

I have a lot of laptops with the 'old' LabVIEW Mindstorms. I am about to start teaching Lego robotics to a homeschooling group I'm a part of. Here's what I have: a few old Windows laptops with the ...
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How to get Lego Mindstorms EV3 expansion set (45560) programmes in Scratch

I bought recently Mindstorms EV3 expansion set (45560) and found out that the available programs are written in old LabView-style programming language:
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Can ScratchJr work with WeDo 2.0?

Now that ScratchJr is available on the tablet. Is it possible to use it to control a WeDo 2.0 robot?
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Do we need WiFi Dongle to install Scratch on EV3

I was wondering if I can install Scratch program on EV3 brick without the wifi dongle. Appreciate any insight here.
22 votes
8 answers

Can you program Lego Mindstorms with the Scratch programming language?

My child is learning programming using Scratch in school. Can she program her Mindstorms using Scratch?