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Used for detecting the environment in Mindstorms and related sets.

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Unable to open port error

Since today, no matter what program that uses sensors I try to run on my EV3 I get the following error: lejos.hardware.DeviceException: unable to open port at
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NXT - Mirror motor rotation

I'm trying to make a program in NXT 2.0 that mirrors the (manual) movements of one motor to another. I managed to start motor B running in the right direction but I am having trouble controlling the ...
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NXT Sensors/Motors not working

I went back to using the NXT brick after two years and I'm having some problems: Motors do not respond to degrees or rotations; Ultrasonic Sensor and Color Sensor are not working; Touch Sensor is ok; ...
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Can I use the EV3 IR Sensor with a power functions remote?

In other words, I want to control my Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot with my Lego Power Functions remotes. The EV3 has an IR sensor, and the PF remotes are IR Remotes, but will they work together?
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How can I use the LEGO distance and color sensor from Power Up with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3?

I am asking how I can use the distance and color sensor from the LEGO Power Up series with my LEGO Mindstorms EV3. I know that they have different plugs but I am wondering if there is a solution to ...
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Lego Boost distance sensor, what range does it have?

While programming our Lego Boost set (using the Lego Boost App on iPad) I noticed that the distance sensor seemed to give inaccurate triggers. To try to confirm this, I connected the move hub to my ...
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Can you change the sensitivity of an EV3 Touch Sensor?

My son is making a LEGO pinball machine and is wondering if it is possible to increase the sensitivity of an Ev3 Touch Sensor as when a ball hits it? Or does he need to use Color Sensors?
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NXT Sensors not working

I'm looking for advice. I pulled my Mindstorms 8547 kit out of storage and started to play with it after several years of inactivity. I found that the Color Sensor, the Ultra Sonic Sensor, and the ...
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Why is the EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) out of stock?

The EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) has been out of stock for a long time. Is the sensor discontinued due to an accuracy problem? Is there an alternate version of "Gyro Boy" that works without the ...
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Sensor usage during manual control

I created a design challenge where students will use their touch sensor and ev3 brick to play a game of freeze tag. Is it possible to have a program where they can manually control their robot via ...
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How to make Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot go in reverse when move steering input comes from proximity sensor

I saw an program on the Lego Education page which makes a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot gradually slow down as it approaches a wall. The info from the proximity sensor is used as the direct wire input of ...
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Two Mindstorms touch sensors: how to determine which sensor was pressed?

I'm trying do make simple program. Two motors, two touch sensors. Sensor one increases speed, sensor two decreases. The whole program works very well but only with one sensor. When I put some logic ...
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How To Plug Detected Light Values into Variables and Still be Usable in Programs in EV3-G

I've seen teams, mostly in the world festival do this, and what they do is they program the robot so that when a brick button is pressed, the robot detects a value (usually RLI) and it is used later ...
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Are there any sensors that are capable of measuring audio pitch for EV3?

Are there any sensors that are capable of measuring audio pitch? Or is there an easy solution that a beginner would be able to make work?
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Use legacy RCX sensors with EV3

In NXT-G, there was a "Legacy" Block pack which had blocks to allow for the use of RCX motors/sensors with the NXT, as long as you had a converter cable. However, the EV3 software does not have this, ...
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Are there LEGO Hygrometer sensors?

Currently, there are light, ultrasonic, touch and sound Mindstorms sensors, but is there a hygrometer sensor from LEGO?
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HiTechnic Color Sensor analog

HiTechnic sales support said that HiTechnic color sensor hasn't been manifactured yet. Currently it's out of stock in HiTechnic shop. Is there any analog of this sensor except NXT/EV3 color sensors?
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