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Questions tagged [sensor-ultrasonic]

Ultrasonic sensors emit sound waves at a frequency too high for humans to hear. They then wait for the sound to be reflected back, calculating distance based on the time required. The sensor is more accurate at measuring distances than the infrared sensor.

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How do you program mindstorms to keep doing a task until either the IR OR the colour sensor state changes

How do you program mindstorms to keep doing a task until either the IR OR the colour sensor state changes. I would like to use the wait block but it can only be either the colour sensor or the IF ...
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What is the use of a single ultrasonic signal?

The EV3 ultrasonic sensor has an advanced mode that includes an option to use single or continuous sensing as described in the Help page: You can choose whether the sensor sends a single ultrasonic ...
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5 votes
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Finding certain positions in a room?

I have LEGO NXT and a square room of 100x100cm. I would like to use the center of the room always as my starting point(the black box). The green box is going to be my park area. Circles can be the ...
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How to minimize the impact of erroneous sensor readings?

A group including myself are using the Lego Mindstorm kit to design a robot that is going to compete in a school competition. However, the sensors aren't as reliable as we would like them to be, ...
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Scan objects while moving?

I'm using leJOS with an NXT robot. I want to scan the distances of objects from my robot. While rotating the Ultrasonic sensor from right to left, I would like to find out which object is closest to ...
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Get robot to face perpendicular to nearest object, using the ultrasonic sensor in NXC?

I have an ultrasonic sensor attached to a motor so that the sensor can rotate. Right now it stops once it scans a value less than 65 cm. What I want it to do is to scan its surroundings and then face ...
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What is a better algorithm for wall following with an ultrasonic sensor?

This wall following algorithm uses the ultrasonic sensor. It has a horrible worst case behavior. Place the robot about 3 cm too far from the wall. Instead of moving closer to the wall, the robot ...
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How to use the ultrasonic sensor on mindstorm NXT

I've been struggling for some time on this. I'm trying to code the robot to move when the distance is above a certain integer and stop when the distance becomes lower than the certain integer. I'm ...
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2 votes
1 answer

EV3 Education does not recognize NXT ultrasonic sensor

How do I get the NXT ultrasonic sensor to work in the Education EV3 Classroom application? OK: I have connected a NXT ultrasonic sensor to the input port 1 of an EV3 control brick. OK: For testing, ...
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Why is the EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) out of stock?

The EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) has been out of stock for a long time. Is the sensor discontinued due to an accuracy problem? Is there an alternate version of "Gyro Boy" that works without the ...
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Is there a way to add a ultrasonic sensor on the ev3 COR3 robot?

When I built the COR3 robot I started to have some fun programming it. But then I wanted to add a ultrasonic sensor on my robot but I can't seem to find a way to place it on my robot. If you can ...
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Advanced mode in EV3 ultrasonic sensor

The EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor has an “Advanced mode" which measures either in centimeters or in inches. When exactly do you use this mode? Why doesn’t the sensor send just a single ultrasonic signal?
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2 votes
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How to distinguish between objects using a sonic sensor?

I am trying to find a ball in the field, grab it, and drop in the specified area. I'm using an ultrasonic sensor on the front of the robot. My current solution for locating the ball is: Turn ...
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usage of ev3 ultrasonic sensor in lejos behavior based programming

I'm using ev3 ultrasonic sensor. And I'm writing a behavior based lejos code. I want to do some tasks when the ultrasonic sensor detects an object which is not further than 30 cm's. And this is my ...
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EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor programm

How can I download the ultrasonic sensor and open it? I want to open it on a laptop running Windows 7. Which program must I download?
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Is it possible to use a LEGO NXT ultrasonic sensor for a LEGO train crossing?

I was looking at LEGO NXT components, and I found the ultrasonic sensor. I was wondering that if I put off to the side of the track, the nose of my train would activate the sensor, thus operating the ...
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LEGO EV3 Ultrasonic sensor missing from Home Edition programmer [duplicate]

I'll get straight to the point: When I open my LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition programmer and try to use an ultrasonic sensor, there is no option for it in any blocks. I don't even see any allusion ...
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