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Identification of specific LEGO set based on limited information such as (but not limited to) a description of the set or a picture of piece(s), parts bag(s) or a partial build.

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Help identifying bricks - non lego

Please help me identify this non-lego brick set. I got this bricks set in the 1980's and had a lot of fun with them. But I cannot find what they are. I lost the box, but i remember there was a castle ...
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Mega Bloks Set Identification with large pieces AM09249 and AM09250

Does anyone know which set these parts are from? I have two of them. Labeled AM09249 and AM09250.
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help identifying mega bloks parts. AM15057 and AM15049

Good morning, i took a old box i have in my room and i want to know from what sets of megabloks is this thing. The code from the gray parts is: AM15057, and from the big other is: AM15049. 1: 2: 3:
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What Mega Bloks set is this tile with fruits from?

These pieces are from a Mega Bloks set. Does anyone know which set they're from?
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What is this micro Mega Bloks element?

I've got this Mega Bloks brick that's a 2x4 and it's smaller than the standard brick, it's 3/4"x3/8" and half the height as the standard brick. It was attached to a vehicle frame that also ...
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Identify which Lego set are the parts from

My son just got set 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet as a Christmas present but the parts inside don’t match the instruction manual. How can I tell which set are the pieces from?
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