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Identification of specific LEGO set based on limited information such as (but not limited to) a description of the set or a picture of piece(s), parts bag(s) or a partial build.

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What is this model number please?

I don't have the instructions for this and I have no idea what model number this is. Can anyone identify it?
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What lego set is this? Possibly a pirate ship?

my wife picked up this lego set at a garage sale. The owner claimed it was a ship, perhaps a pirate ship, and that the set was complete. It does have something resembling a bow, and several tall poles,...
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Help with identifying LEGO sets

Our family (with very big hearts) gave us some LEGO they found. But... I do not know what sets they are from. I already identified 11 sets, but cannot find the last 4 (I think) Could you please help? ...
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What can I do with this steering wheel?

I found this steering wheel + "dashboard" combination among some parts I bought. What is it, in what kind of models is it used, and can I do anything else with the "dashboard" (for lack of a better ...
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Which Lego Police set or sets do I have?

We were given a big bag of Lego pieces. When sorting through them my son found a bunch of police pieces but we can't figure out which set or sets they belong to. I've tried looking up a few ...
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Can you identify this yellow crane?

Can you identify this one? It's part of a series of models I had as a kid that I want to take apart for my own kids now, and I'm looking for the original instructions.
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6 votes
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Can you identify this model of a yellow truck?

It's part of a series of models I had as a kid that I want to take apart for my own kids now, and I'm looking for the original instructions. Can you identify this one?
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Please tell me what tunnel-hull boat set this is?

I cannot figure out what this set would be...I like it and want to find instructions...but tried different wording and looking at images without luck.
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4 votes
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Old lego set 1950s or 60s? TABAC and/or BAKEREI (from Europe)

My dad had a lego set (or 2 sets) in the late 50s or early 60s that his dad picked up in Europe (this was before they were sold in the states). It had 2 thick green rectangular tiles for bottoms (or ...
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Pre-Technic gears?

I have this set of LEGO gears. I remember seeing them first at my grandparents in the mid 80's. They predate my first Technic sets (~84 or 85). I have fond memories of my dad building a 3-speed ...
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3 answers

Determining what set I have from a bag of lego pieces?

I have a bag of lego pieces that make a set of something but I don't have a box or instructions. Is there anyway to determine what set it is so I can download/buy an instruction sheet for it...or at ...
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identification of lego set by color and shape of inner box

I'm trying to identify a lego set only knowing the color, shape of in inner package. The inner box is blue, dimensions are 18 x 11 x 2 3/8" and 9T plastic compartments, There is a 1984 Lego Catalog ...
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9 votes
1 answer

LEGO Trains 12v: Identify This?

This is a very popular picture, which almost all LEGO Trains' fans from the 1980s would recognize. I have the train in the foreground, 7740, but not the 4th car (the red one). Can anyone please ...
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Identify bulldozer truck -probably from early 90"s

Have a bulldozer looking truck with green rocket boosters on it and silver arrows, silver knives on each side of the dome like top Colours: black green, clear green dome figure has clear green ...
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2 answers

Lego Racer kit with Chargeable Cars

I have an old Lego set that I've lost all the documentation on. It's about 10 years old (I see ©2003 in various places). The set built a track and contained two charging stations that integrated into ...
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Of what fell beast did this olive drab carcass come?

I think I have assembled the remains of some dread creature: I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have enough elements to reassemble this, but I would at least like to know what it looked like in it's ...
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Which buildings in the LEGO Island video game were based on real-world sets?

The Wikipedia article for Lego Island mentions 'Most of these buildings are based on real Lego sets in circulation at the time of release for the game.' I haven't played the game in a long time but ...
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How can I identify LEGO sets from a box or bag of parts?

I am a lifelong LEGO Maniac, and my kits from when I was a kid were passed down to my nephew, who has just passed them down to my son (40 years of history...). The trouble is that none of my old plans/...
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