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Questions tagged [set-modification]

Set Modification questions are about modifying sets produced by LEGO.

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what plastic is used in the floatable hull of 60266 Ocean Exploration ship?

I need to know what plastic is used for the hull (dark blue) of the 60266: Ocean Exploration Ship, in order to glue a reinforcement on. I bought this for my boys (younger than the advertised 7+). It ...
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5 votes
0 answers

MouldKing set 13132 - Original design, alternate build or cloned MOC?

It seems that Chinese clone brand Mould King will be producing a new set that looks a bit like LEGO's Disney Castle set (71040). It has two times as many parts, however, and unlike LEGO's Disney ...
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Change Mario Yoshi pose

I'm returning to Lego as an adult and struggling with what I thought would be a small project. Please tell me if this is off topic but as it has a hard answer of no or this is how I though it would be ...
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Fit motor to old tractor

I'd like to motorise this tractor I built from an old Lego book. I've 4.5 volt motors. The model is 6 studs wide, the motor is only 4, and since the tractor uses big wheels it would be too fast. Is ...
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