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Questions about numbering on LEGO sets.

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3 answers

LEGO Plastic Bags #

Please help to identify the LEGO Plastic Bags # (2,4-319g7,5-419g7,7-219g7) I used QR code reader and it gives me a digits of 6172090. Unfortunately I could not find any information. I bought this ...
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Why do Lego boxes not contain the set numbers in Braille?

Why does Lego not stamp the braille set number on to the boxes of sets? I know they have made audio/braille versions of instructions, but why are they not making the boxes of sets accessible too?
8 votes
1 answer

What are the small numbers on old LEGO instruction booklet covers for?

Along with the set number, my old LEGO instruction booklets have a larger number in a smaller font on them as well. What do these numbers represent? What are they for? Unit/serial number? This booklet ...
6 votes
0 answers

What is the number printed under the barcode of a Lego set?

I’ve got two sets of Lego Ideas #025 (steamboat Willie). They have the same barcode. Underneath the barcode there are some small numbers: one box has 118789 970, but the other box has 118789 017. A ...
19 votes
3 answers

Why does BrickLink append a -1 to so many set numbers?

I've been perusing BrickLink for a while, and I noticed that essentially all sets are listed with a "-1" after the LEGO set number. For example, Set 41164, Enchanted Treehouse is listed on ...
3 votes
1 answer

Can you identify the set for these two LEGO bags?

Looking to identify the following 2 bags Bag 6 identifying possible help = 741R7 2015 Lego Group 135149 Bag 8 identifying possible help = 142R7 2015 Lego Group 135149 I am hoping the ...
7 votes
1 answer

Can anyone tell me which set this LEGO plane is from?

Im looking through my old LEGO sets and discovered this plane and I have no idea which set its from or the details. Could anyone help me out please?
5 votes
1 answer

Does someone know this tire's origin? What set contains this piece?

I bought a box of LEGO in a second-hand store for my niece and in it was 4 of these wheels. Can someone help me find it so I can build the rest?
4 votes
1 answer

Why are there some extra letters on lego Car License Plates?

Most of the car in Lego City have a sticker license plate. The number on a license plate is corresponding to the Lego Set number. But what about these extra letter there? Is it just to add more ...
23 votes
1 answer

Is there a convention for part and/or set numbers?

Is there any rhyme or reason to the way LEGO part are named? Failing that, is there any other sort of taxonomy that we can use to find specific parts? Along the same lines, my impression is that ...
6 votes
2 answers

What happened to Cuusoo set #6

Lego Cuusoo just announced set #7 Ghostbusters 30th anniversary. Cuusoo set #5 is the Curiousity Rover. Why is there no set #6? What happened to it or did Lego announce it and then change their ...
16 votes
1 answer

Why did Lego use the same number for two different sets?

For example, Ricky Racoon on his Scooter from 1979 is a completely different set from House with Garage from 1996, but they share the same number (324). Why did Lego recycle numbers like this? Do they ...
5 votes
1 answer

Why do some sets have two different numbers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why did Lego use the same number for two different sets? For example, 324 Ricky Racoon on his Scooter and 3605 Ricky Racoon and his Scooter appear to be identical in every way ...