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Questions tagged [sets]

Curious as to what you can do with the elements in a particular set? Want to know what's in a range of sets? What changes have happened with different versions of a set? Please include the [Identification] tag for questions about unknown sets.

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MouldKing set 13132 - Original design, alternate build or cloned MOC?

It seems that Chinese clone brand Mould King will be producing a new set that looks a bit like LEGO's Disney Castle set (71040). It has two times as many parts, however, and unlike LEGO's Disney ...
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Purpose of the four rubber tires in The Globe set (21332)

I just finished building The Globe (set #21332), and I'm curious what the purpose of the four rubber tires on the interior of the model is (highlighted with red box): I had hoped that towards the end ...
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Seeking instructions to finish partially assembled custom Lego satellite (Orbital Science Corporation)

This week I found a partially assembled Lego satellite and I wanted to build it but I can't find the instructions to finish it. The satellite I'm 90% sure is a scale model from a satellite launched by ...
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Alternative Colour for Halberds in Lava RoboRider 8510

I recently bought a second-hand lot of RoboRiders, and noticed Lava included two halberds in dark gray instead of black, as listed in the BrickLink inventory. Did this set ever include dark gray ...
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Seeking inventory of Mega Bloks set 9815

I have Mega Bloks set 9815. My children have lost the booklet that came with this set. I am looking for either in PDF or in Jpeg images a copy of the booklet. I hope to restore this set replacing ...
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Print list of parts from various sets in compact format

So I've bought a few big box sets over the ages rambling starts (like just recently, a few 11016 because I could get them cheap, a couple of 11019 (I have an older Mindstorms kit which may or may not ...
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