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LEGO® bricks are measured in a variety of ways. How to create or fill a space of a particular size is a common building concern.

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What are the dimensions of a LEGO brick?

What are the real world dimensions of bricks? (starting with 1x1 brick) Plates? Studs? Does LEGO think of this in metric or imperial units or something else?
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What are LDUs and how do they relate to LEGO bricks?

What are LDUs? I see technical people talking about plans and designs in terms of LDUs. I understand it's a measurement unit. What does it mean and how do LEGO bricks relate to them? Why are they ...
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What are the practical bounds of a minifigure?

I want to make some minifigure-scale vehicles and devices, but I am wondering what the smallest possible minifigure enclosure might be. I know minifigures are not perfectly square. Their arms and ...
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What are the largest Technic-compatible tires on the market?

I am looking for the largest LEGO wheels with tires available to build a nice-sized RC LEGO car. Of course I will start with the simplest prototype, but I would like to achieve a design which will ...
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What is the largest single LEGO piece?

What is the largest single LEGO piece ever produced? This does not include LEGO affiliates like Duplo. Clarifications It must be a purchasable block. By largest, I mean largest by Volume/Weight of ...
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What is the smallest LEGO component?

When I purchase bulk LEGO bricks, one of the first things I do is to tip the whole lot into a mesh bag and give them a good soak in the bath (of course, I remove all the electrical bits etc. first). ...
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How to make a 1 ldu offset?

LDraw units are defined so that a simple 1x1 brick has a side of 20 ldu and a height of 24 ldu. Using simple building techniques, it's easy to create 2 ldu offset, as illustrated in this picture, ...
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What are the exact dimensions of a DUPLO brick?

The dimensions of LEGO brick are documented well, but what about DUPLO bricks? If have only found the general statements that DUPLO is twice as large as LEGO but no exact numbers. What about the ...
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What is the maximum size of Lego instruction booklets?

I am preparing a shelf and, given that LEGO instruction booklets these days are often more like actual little books than the small booklets we had as children, a section of that shelf will be reserved ...
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What's the smallest LEGO component, based on its largest dimension?

There's already a question asking what the smallest component is. However, according to its answer, the smallest piece would be the screwdriver. It is pretty small, but its length is over 2 studs, ...
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What is the longest 1×x brick ever released?

Out of curiosity: How long can a 1×x brick be? When there are differences, I can think of the following categories: Longest brick ever included in a regular Lego set Longest brick ever available ...
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1/3 of 4 studs wide possible?

In this build from the World Builder game, it appears the blue and green stripes running up the length of the tower take up 1/3 of 4 studs. Is this or a close enough approximation possible to achieve, ...
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