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Slope pieces are LEGO parts that are commonly used for roofs. One or more sides of the slope piece are at an angle that isn't parallel to any x/y/z dimension.

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2 answers

Is it possible to create a slope (roof hip) on a 45 degree angle?

In the LEGO Super Mario app, they have created some neat looking bases, however they have a lot of complicated slopes and smooth plates. It's clearly a 3D model, but it looks as though as if it could ...
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Which 2018-2020 sets are good for roof parts?

What 2018-2020 sets are best for roof parts, such as corner slopes, 2x2 slopes, 2x4 slopes, etc.?
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6 votes
3 answers

Do any concave slopes or curves exist? Any brand

Do you know if anyone has ever made any concave slope pieces? Looking for multiple lengths (2/3/4/5/6 stud lengths). Basically the opposite of this style: I would also be looking for the same concave ...
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Which set is this 2 x 6 slope with holes from?

I picked up a bag of loose LEGO at a thrift shop and cannot identify which set this piece comes from: The holes pass all the way through the slope but have small details inside that prevent a ...
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What's the name of this curvy looking brick, 2x3 with an overhang

What's the name of the brick shown below? I've searched many sites including BrickLink and Lego itself but to no avail. Help? EDIT I think I found the name of this brick: 47456 Slope Brick Round 3 ...
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Strange 2x2 Inverted slope with hollow center Identification

I have a brick that is similar to a 45 degree inverted slope 2x2 except where the un-sloped flat face should be there is a rectangular cavity into the brick _______ / ____| / | / ----| -...
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1 answer

How large is the face of a 2x2 45º brick?

I am attempting to make a decal for a roof tile, sort of like the computer face on certain bricks of the type. However, as there appears to be no template, how large is the face of a 2x2 45º brick?
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10 votes
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What are the curve radii for the curved slope pieces?

Does anyone have a table with the curve radii for the curved slope pieces? If not, does anyone have a good idea for measuring a third point on the curve? Since I know the front and the back "...
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What is the true angle of a cheese slope?

What is the true angle of a cheese slope? Bricklink lists it as "Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3" while LDraw and Peeron list it as "Slope Brick 31 1 x 1 x 2/3". Why do these sources disagree, and what is the ...
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