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SNOT (Studs Not On Top) is the term used for building with techniques to change the brick(s) direction.

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Cargo bike brick identity

Looking to identify the box pieces here:
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2 answers

Align 2xX plate on "sandwiched" brick (height of 5 plates)

I'm using "baseplates" for my builds which are built by using two 16x16 plates with one brick height between them (to connect multiple baseplates with Technic bricks and pins). Now I'd like ...
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Alternative ways of attaching roller coaster wheels

While doing a bit of research about a mine track related question, I noticed that part 24869 "Wheel Roller Coaster" is meant to be used only with part 26021 to form a form a specific ...
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In LEGO: How to build a revolving magazine rack for 2x3 tiles?

I've been trying for months to come up with a design or parts for a 4-sided spinning magazine rack, like the old wire-style you would see in book stores. I need it to be fairly stable so I can put in/...
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How to fill a vertical 1.5 stud wide gap?

How can a vertical 1.5 stud wide gap be filled, for example between this brick on a jumper plate and regular plate? I can achieve ratios multiples of 1/3 and 2/5 with sideways plates, but some ...
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Creating arrow patterns

What methods are there to creating convincing looking arrow patterns on walls and floors? (Without stickers or printed pieces) My current solution is to use "relief" building with slope ...
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Securing vertical hinge

In this construction, I want the vertical hinge to be in this location, centered in a 3 brick wide area. On top of it is two plates and layer of studs that match the 5:2 ratio, so in theory the hinge ...
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2 answers

Elevator on rails

I'd like to build an elevator for my apartment building. My plan is to use rails and grooves to allow the elevator to slide up and down. This means I have to build the elevator with the studs ...
6 votes
3 answers

Putting flipped plates together as close as possible

I have two plates that I would like to connect together and collapse with the studs facing out like in the image below. I need the two plates to sit as close together as possible. But I'd like them to ...
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Why is this piece notched?

It's nowhere as deep as the garage door notches they designed to let the doors slide up and down. How does the notch fit into the initial set that the part was first introduced and does this shallow ...
7 votes
1 answer

Connecting "out of system" roads?

I've been trying to figure out how to connect SNOT road models that are at varying angles to one another. You can see my efforts in this thread. Are there any interesting methods of connecting roads ...
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Why don't inverted brackets (99780) work in this SNOT 180 configuration?

I've been working on a MOC and tried using the following configuration of inverted brackets to achieve studs out SNOT 180 in a tight space: As you can see from the photo, this doesn't quite work. I ...
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2 answers

How do I robustly tilt a strength-1 wall?

Background I am still working on my model of a ride-on mower, which has a seat that looks like this: As you can see, the seat is mounted onto an inclined surface, which I realised to my satisfaction ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How to put LEGO together upside down

I'm building a truck. For the transmission, I want to make it all even and symmetrical. To do that I need the pieces to stay together but they have no studs connecting so they will just fall apart. ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Are there SNOT models with instructions for beginners?

I would like to introduce SNOT building to my daughter. I have used this method only a few times myself and when I did, I was just messing around. I feel it would be simpler and less frustrating for ...
8 votes
2 answers

Firmly connect bricks in a triangle

I need to connect two bricks onto a plate such that the plate is facing up, and the two bricks are facing out from above it at an angle (say 30 degrees) but are connected firmly, at opposite ends with ...
16 votes
1 answer

Why does the Erling brick have a ridge below its outward facing stud?

Why does the Erling brick (#4070) have a ridge below its outward facing stud? Whereas the more versatile and less common #87087 does not? The #87087 piece also has a better use in SNOT usage, as it ...
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Is 'plate between studs' SNOT supported by one of the LEGO building software?

Do any of the multiple LEGO building software supports 'plate between studs' SNOT assembly?
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37 votes
4 answers

When did LEGO decide that it was okay to put a stud into a Technic hole?

At one point, LEGO didn't really support putting a stud into a Technic hole, stating that it caused too much stress on the bricks. And for a while, there were no sets where that's the case. However, ...
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What different bricks exist with studs on the sides? [closed]

(Partially inspired by this question.) I have been wondering recently just how many different LEGO bricks there are with studs on the side. Which LEGO bricks have studs specifically on the sides? ...
48 votes
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What is SNOT building?

I have seen reference on LEGO forums to "SNOT building". This sounds gross! Are there really squishy-sticky LEGO bricks, or what?
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45 votes
7 answers

How can I invert the direction of blocks in a structure?

I have a structure with some blocks facing in the 'normal' direction: nn nn nn nn | || || || | -- -- -- -- I would like to somehow connect a layer above this that has the blocks ...
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