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Questions tagged [software]

Questions about software related to planning models or programming LEGO robots.

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Digital tool for roller coaster physics

I'm currently working on a roller coaster MOC with a looping. I started physically building the MOC but quickly recognised that it is quite a mess to build something, tear it down rebuild it, etc. ...
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Connectivity graph for a digital model

I'm looking for a way to take a digital representation of a model (e.g. an LDD or LDraw file) and extract from it a representation of the model that describes which pieces are actually connected to ...
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How do I sync audio and movement on my NXT 2.0?

How do I sync audio and movement with my NXT 2.0? I'm building an animatronic head and I can't find a good way to sync it with external audio because the internal speaker is too quiet.
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Migrate Lego Boost Android app data to another device

I have a Lego Boost Android application installed on device #1 and the app is logged into my LEGO cloud account (the same used for Lego Life etc. too) and is fully synced with cloud. On this device I ...
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RCX + java + usb-to-serial

I am trying to get an old RCX working with leJOS. I already have it working with NQC and BricxCC. While NCQ/BricxCC seems to recognize my usb-to-serial (which appears as "COM5" to the OS), the leJOS ...
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LEGO Studios Movie Maker Camera (1349) (2000)

A few months back I had purchased the LEGO Studios Movie Maker Set (1349) and have been tampering with it, specifically the camera, to see if I can get it to work on my Windows 11 laptop. Was able to ...
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Problem to connect my NXT to Bluetooth. everything else run fine

I use Windows 11 (64 bit). NXT sw v2.1, NXT firmware 1.31. I have reinstalled these several times, without success. Everything seems to work fine except to connect via Bluetooth, that fails most of ...
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Lego Mindstorms Software: "Error code: 4"

After updating my EV3 Brick's firmware from V1.09E to V1.10E and reinstalling the Teacher Edition of the Lego Mindstorms EV3 software (even though I'm not a teacher), I decided to recover my Brick's ...
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NXT Mindstorms software glitch

My FLL team was doing some practice programming exercises this morning. One group wrote a program using color sensors, no issue. The next group opened a new program window and attempted to open a ...
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LEGO Model to 3D Converter

I've created a LEGO figure using a great number of ball joints for maximum flexibility. The pre-finalized version of this model, before I got the legs working the way I wanted them, is shown in this ...
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After adding a MyBlock icon to the EV3 palette of MyBlock icons, how can the new icon be associated to an existing MyBlock?

After following the advice given in adding a MyBlock icon to the EV3 palette, can the icon be associated to an existing MyBlock? Something better than copy/paste the contents of the existing MyBlock ...
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NXT software V2.1 runtime installation error in windows

My system configuration: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1. When I try to install NXT software v2.1, I immediately get the error below: Microsoft Visual C++ runtime Runtime Error ...
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Bluetooth connection between EV3 brick and MacBook Pro fails after 2 seconds

As I was adviced, I searched for same questions before posting mine but although some are similar, I can't make their answer useful for my problem. I have a Mindstorms EV3 Education brick and a ...
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Could Microsoft MakeCode be an alternative to the EV3 program?

Is it possible to use Microsoft MakeCode for the EV3 as an alternative to the widely used EV3 program by LEGO? What are the benefits and drawbacks?
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How to import file to Mindstorm Programmer?

I got a Mindstorm set a year ago and I stumbled across a build which looked really cool! I finished the building part then I downloaded the program file but I couldn’t import it. I have a MacBook ...
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LEGO Mindstorms IDE on macOS flickering

I experience a screen flickering in the LEGO Mindstorms program on macOS when the mouse pointer is moved across the window. The screen flickering is present for all normal users but not the ...
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Why does the Gyro Sensor not work correctly in Virtual Robotics Toolkit?

I somehow found out about Virtual Robotics Toolkit and when I did, I decided that it would be great software to use for Lego League. Later in my research, I found that it automatically had the newest ...
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Error of Control+ calibration test on CAT D11

I've just finished building set 42131 Cat D11 Bulldozer, but unfortunately I couldn't do the final calibration before driving it... I carried out the tests during construction and everything was OK. ...
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Software to determine sets required to get all parts from a list

Assuming I have designed a MOC and thus have a list of parts that I need for it: Is there a software that helps me determine which (quantity of which) "sets" I need to buy? In particular, ...
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Given program for EV3 Race Car doesn't work, but why?

I have successfully built an EV3 Race Car with instructions from a fan-made book made by Laurens Valk. In the book, he tells how to make my blocks for the rack-and-pinion steering and how to make a ...
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