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Questions regarding the Space theme

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16 votes
3 answers

How many spaceman minifigure variations exist?

I was looking at collecting all the different Spaceman minifigures. So I'm wondering how many different types(styles) of Spaceman do exist. Color variations is not necessarily but it would also be ...
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5 answers

How does the Space Shuttle dock the ISS?

The IDEAS International Space Station (21321) comes with a miniature model of a space shuttle. And while that has its place on the space station's stand, the official LEGO product page literally ...
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2 answers

How accurate is the model 42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit?

The set 42179: Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit is described as a learning aid: "kids aged 10+ will love learning more about our solar system". For this purpose, the question arises: just how ...
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What is a Planetary Decoder? What does it decode? How does it work?

This answer to Classic Space part? says In White it appears in two Exploriens sets 6856: Planetary Decoder and 6982: Explorien Starship Question: What is a Planetary Decoder? What does it decode? ...
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Space Shuttle 10231 Stability on base

I just got (finally) Space Shuttle (10231) and finished building it. It was a great build and I love it, but the way the Shuttle stands on the base scares the SH*T out of me. I cannot believe they ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Is the LEGO Space theme discontinued?

I really liked Space when I was a kid. And now is the time when my friends have kids old enough to play, and I'm old enough to admit I like to play. But I can't see any space sets except realistic ...
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Which subtheme did the "Space Monorail" sets come under?

Many years ago I remeber attending a model railway exhibition and one of the railways was a Lego monorial that looked very "space" based. I've found 6990 (Monorail Transport System) and 6991 (Monorail ...
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1 answer

Can you identify this LEGO space set?

I've just purchased a random box of Star Wars LEGO at a car boot sale and there's a few bits in there that I'd like to identify the set for.
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1 answer

Why did they cancel Mars Mission?

Does anybody know why LEGO canceled the Mars Mission line? It was so good and I almost had everything! I don't wanna buy off eBay because that can get expensive. I liked it a lot!
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Classic Space part? near-triangle with 2x6 on one end and 1x2 on the other and a lot of empty space between

Is this a classic space part? Found in a box of old LEGO.
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1 answer

Help identify large white wheels

Have lots of mixed pieces that we bought second hand. We have come across very large white plastic solid wheels, resembles sand buggy wheels, but think they must be space related as they are white. ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Where to find older sets (eg. Classic Space)?

Can people share their experiences on how they locate older sets? Have you had luck with flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, etc.? Or is everything done through eBay and BrickLink? Any comments ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where did "LL 928" and "LL 929" come from?

Just finished putting Benny's Spaceship set together, and the Number printed on the side is "LL 929" which appears to be an increment from a much older set the Galaxy Explorer, which had "LL 928". My ...
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1 answer

Is this translucent blue ramp-like brick from an old Space Explorer set?

Is this brick from an old Space Explorer set? I cannot seem to find a number on it. Any help to link this brick to a particular LEGO set would be much appreciated.
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1 answer

Identify a space LEGO set from incomplete model

Could someone help me find out which sets these are from please? https://...
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4 votes
1 answer

Help identify this 70s or 80s lego space set

I bought some bags of LEGO bricks which appear to contain a 1970's space set in it. I want to find instructions to put it all back together.
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3 votes
1 answer

Saturn V set from the 60s?

I have some of my dad's old Lego sets from the 1960s when he was a kid. There are circular discs that fit on top of each other to connect and form a rocket. Is this a Saturn V rocket model (the ones ...
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What went in the orange cylinders from Mars Mission?

While sifting a bin of LEGO's that I received as a gift I found this strange orange cylinder: I was able to determine that it was part 58947pb01, the "Cylinder 9 x 4 x 2 Tapered with Flat Bottom, Pin ...
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Alternate builds for classic space sets

I'm looking for a full list of the alternate builds on the boxes of Classic Space. Any ideas?
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Help identifying space-themed sets

I have acquired a 20 pound bag of space-themed Lego pieces that seem to belong to some special Technic set(s). Many pieces and assemblies seem way too unusual to be acquired from a random bulk ...
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