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Adhesive labels that can be used to provide additional detail to models. Not to be confused with 'decorated bricks' which are bricks that have the details printed directly onto the surface.

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40 votes
3 answers

Where or how do I get replacement stickers for my LEGO set?

I have a BMW Williams F1 LEGO set 8461 that I built when I got it several years ago. I unfortunately let it sit out on my shelf for a long time. The stickers have peeled and cracked and some have ...
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25 votes
9 answers

How can a sticker be removed?

In my younger days I may have placed a few stickers on my bricks. Including some that covered multiple bricks. Now my daughter has the tendency to do the same thing :) How can I best remove the ...
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21 votes
3 answers

How should I store unused stickers?

What is the best way to store stickers for future use? I have some unused LEGO sticker sets in plastic bags. The one on top in the bag has become brittle and is flaking.
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8 votes
1 answer

What came first? Print or sticker?

Recently I learned that there seems to be no strategy in the LEGO design about when to use stickers and when to use prints in a given set. My question is what LEGO used first to decorate bricks: ...
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How to repair cracked/peeling decals?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to repair and protect cracked/peeling decals, like these pictured in my 10019 set: Some kind of film or lacquer?
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