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Not sure where you should keep your bricks? If you need to separate them first?

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What are the best LEGO storage options?

I have several Lego sets and I usually build them and then make them small enough so they fit back in the box for long term storage . . . but my dream is that I can take apart my model and organize ...
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How can I store LEGO bricks to prevent damage?

I have some LEGO bricks which are probably about 10 years old. They've neither changed color in any way nor dried out or anything, so it seems to be as stable as ever. How should I store them so that ...
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Does longterm storage in a connected state harm the studs/tubes?

Does storing bricks in a connected state lessen their longevity?
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How do you store your built models for long-term display?

My wife and I recently started to re-enjoy Lego and had a lot of fun building the Grand Emporium and a few other pieces but now they're collecting dust and we're lucky enough to have a few spare rooms ...
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How should I store unused stickers?

What is the best way to store stickers for future use? I have some unused LEGO sticker sets in plastic bags. The one on top in the bag has become brittle and is flaking.
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Is there any application to keep an inventory of owned sets and pieces?

I'm looking for a desktop application that keeps track of sets and pieces owned. Ideally something that would look up LEGO databases such as Peeron or others in order to add the pieces in a set ...
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Will my LEGO bricks discolor in indirect sunlight?

I have a bunch of new LEGO sets because of my new status as an AFOL. I've got them sitting on the dresser in a room that gets indirect sunlight (see below). There is no direct rays hitting the LEGO ...
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What is the best way to store LEGO rubber tires?

Should they be stored with or without rims inside? Or should they be kept away from plastic for long term storage?
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What is the best way to transport a large quantity of LEGO bricks?

I have a decently sized collection (thousands of bricks/hundreds of sets/a bunch of bins) from my childhood, but they're all at my parents' house. I live in the US and a couple states away from my ...
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How to check the missing pieces of a given set?

I have a collection of LEGO sets, from which only the B model is assembled and the remaining pieces have been lost. What is the easiest way to figure out which pieces are missing from these sets?
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Can you keep blocks clutched together in big chunks? Will blocks loose their "clutch power" after years of that kind of keeping? [duplicate]

I keep my blocks of same type in big assembled chunks, for easy building and finding bricks, but I am worried, is it safe for them or will they tend to lose strength in some time (years maybe)?
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