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Not sure where you should keep your bricks? If you need to separate them first?

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How can I prevent rubber bands disintegrating?

These two answers partially answer this question., but I think it's worth its own question to find more options in a more comprehensive answer. Old Lego rubber bands are known to become brittle over ...
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Keeping LEGO near heat source

I keep some of my opened built LEGO sets in the top of my book shelf, around two feet away is a fire place that is turned on during the winter time. Will keeping my LEGO sets here damage them in any ...
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What is an effective method for breaking down and storing large sets for future rebuilds?

I would like to breakdown and store my Harry Potter Castle (71043) but not sure the best method doing so. I have young kids that would love to rebuild this some day so I want to make sure I break this ...
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Millenium Falcon 75192 Disassembled Storage

I recently bought the Millenium Falcon 75192 and built it. I would now like to take it apart and store it. I don't have a LEGO collection, and would like to store it in a way that I won't have to dig ...
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What is the best way to exhibit extra large sets, like Taj Mahal?

Before buying our dream set (Taj Mahal) we are wondering with my Wife how to exhibit it properly? The set is much larger than any other construction we have (23.03x19.29x7.48 inches) and will not fit ...
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Boxes for individual sets

What are good boxes (in USA or importable) that would allow young (5 years) Lego builders to store single sets, keeping all the pieces for single build together, while keeping younger sisters (1 year) ...
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LEGO 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon: I need to store this set, not display it

I need to store, for moving purposes, my 75192 LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon. All I see are display cases for sale. Does anyone know of a storage bin or shipping container that can hold this ship? I do ...
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Displaying Minifigs and avoiding discolouration

I have just made some frames (IKEA box frame, white mount board, 70 2x4 white bricks per frame, and super glue) to display some of my minifigure collection: Really pleased with the results (and even ...
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Looking for an affordable high density storage solution for my individual bricks

As my collection of bricks is growing, my storage space is limited and I'm increasingly interested in doing my own MOCs, I'm looking for a high density storage solution to keep my individual pieces ...
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Can I store LEGO in negative (minus) Celsius?

I've found this question: How can I store LEGO bricks to prevent damage? and the answers don't tell, what happens below 0°C. Can I store unopened LEGO boxes where temperature can go down until even -...
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How to prevent discoloration or parts in storage?

I recently moved into a 1 bedroom apartment, and I am storing my Lego sets out in the living area. There is one problem: one wall is practically all window. Since it is unrealistic to have the blinds ...
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How to check the missing pieces of a given set?

I have a collection of LEGO sets, from which only the B model is assembled and the remaining pieces have been lost. What is the easiest way to figure out which pieces are missing from these sets?
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How can you pin the Penguin Suit Guy down?

I like penguins and so I was really amazed to find the Penguin Suit Guy in Collectible Minifigures Series 16: But despite coming with the 88646 tile he won't stick to it because of the skates: There'...
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Is the app to print LEGO storage labels from still available somewhere?

It seemed like the perfect solution, so that I am not printing labels that I don't need. However, the domain is for sale, and I am not well-versed in github so I don't know how to get the application ...
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How should I transport my big LEGO sets? [duplicate]

I'm moving and I have some big LEGO sets (Police Station, Fire Station, and Ultra Stealth Raider). How should I pack them so they won't get shattered to pieces in transit?
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Should I store greasy tires separately?

Should I store my "greasy" tires separately from the ones that don't seem to sweat? I'm hand-washing and sorting my bricks from a big, uncovered tub, and some of my earlier tires are really greasy, ...
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How do LEGO Technic pneumatics parts age?

I recently bought LEGO Technic 8868 (Air Tech Claw Rig) and 8460 (Pneumatic Crane Truck) models. I noticed that the pneumatics tubes seem to have been changed since the colors are different from the ...
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What is the best way to store LEGO rubber tires?

Should they be stored with or without rims inside? Or should they be kept away from plastic for long term storage?
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Brick labels to be printed

I am new to the LEGO "business". But I am building up my inventory, getting close to 100.000 pieces now, and before shooting off, I want to have my "system" organized. That also includes print off ...
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Do you use the plastic buckets for purposes other than organizing your bricks?

We have several bucket sets like #5560. Now that our collection is growing, it's becoming harder to find what we need in the buckets even though we have them sorted by color. Plus they are in a ...
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Trouble finding plastic storage bins for MOCs built on 48x48 stud (gray) baseplates - Ideas?

I have a number of models built on gray baseplates that are that are proving to be difficult to store/transport. Lidded plastic bins would be ideal, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding bins with ...
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How do I quickly count pieces?

I have LEGO pieces divided into partitions in something like a tackle box, each of which indicates how many pieces are supposed to be in that partition. With few exceptions, each partition only holds ...
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Best mini LED spotlight for Lego display case?

I am currently building the Creator Sydney Opera House and planning a display case for it. I would like to light the canopies with spotlights just like the real thing, but have not found LED ...
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How to store large amounts of bigger bricks?

I am aware of this question and of this post blog on Evil Mad Scientist which include a couple of interesting. My issue with the first one is that it is completely unsuitable for larger amounts of ...
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How can I preserve opened Lego packages?

For some reason I keep my old Lego boxes (since the 1980s), and my son's old Lego packages. Because they are quite large, they take up a lot of space in my house, even if they are put one into another....
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Which LEGO boxes are compatible?

TLG has produced a number of sets which come in reusable plastic boxes. I'm curious to know which of these are able to be easily stored together. Primarily, I'm wondering which boxes can be stacked, ...
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What is the best way to transport a large quantity of LEGO bricks?

I have a decently sized collection (thousands of bricks/hundreds of sets/a bunch of bins) from my childhood, but they're all at my parents' house. I live in the US and a couple states away from my ...
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Can you keep blocks clutched together in big chunks? Will blocks loose their "clutch power" after years of that kind of keeping? [duplicate]

I keep my blocks of same type in big assembled chunks, for easy building and finding bricks, but I am worried, is it safe for them or will they tend to lose strength in some time (years maybe)?
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How do I keep LEGO boxes looking their best for as long as possible?

I want to buy a few cool sets for investing purposes or to give to my kids later on if they prove to be poor investments. I'm not going to open the boxes they'll just be stored but it might be nice to ...
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TTF font for LEGO bricks

I'm in the process of reprinting labels for the zillions of LEGO storage drawers in Junior's toy room. I'm not looking for a font that depicts Latin alphabet characters seemingly built out of LEGO ...
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Technic axle corrosion? What happened here?

I got my LEGO from storage from when I was a kid (1980s) and while almost all bricks are in good condition, the Technic axles are in a pretty bad shape. They seem to have corroded(?). Please see the ...
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How should I store unused stickers?

What is the best way to store stickers for future use? I have some unused LEGO sticker sets in plastic bags. The one on top in the bag has become brittle and is flaking.
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How do you store your built models for long-term display?

My wife and I recently started to re-enjoy Lego and had a lot of fun building the Grand Emporium and a few other pieces but now they're collecting dust and we're lucky enough to have a few spare rooms ...
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Will my LEGO bricks discolor in indirect sunlight?

I have a bunch of new LEGO sets because of my new status as an AFOL. I've got them sitting on the dresser in a room that gets indirect sunlight (see below). There is no direct rays hitting the LEGO ...
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Does longterm storage in a connected state harm the studs/tubes?

Does storing bricks in a connected state lessen their longevity?
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Is there any application to keep an inventory of owned sets and pieces?

I'm looking for a desktop application that keeps track of sets and pieces owned. Ideally something that would look up LEGO databases such as Peeron or others in order to add the pieces in a set ...
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Best way to store instruction manuals?

Currently I store LEGO set manuals and instructions in hanging file folders in a file box, grouped by set type. This makes it hard to dig through and find the one I need, and manuals tend to get ...
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How can I keep LEGO winches from becoming tangled?

I have some LEGO winches/strings with hooks. Putting these away inevitably results in tangled strings (the next time I take them out). Even winding them up doesn't help. Storing these in drawers and/...
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Does the LEGO company sell LEGO brick organization bins? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are some storage options? Are there official LEGO brick storage and organization bins available? If not, then what good 3rd party options are there? I'm looking to ...
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How can I store LEGO bricks to prevent damage?

I have some LEGO bricks which are probably about 10 years old. They've neither changed color in any way nor dried out or anything, so it seems to be as stable as ever. How should I store them so that ...
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What are the best LEGO storage options?

I have several Lego sets and I usually build them and then make them small enough so they fit back in the box for long term storage . . . but my dream is that I can take apart my model and organize ...
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