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Questions tagged [super-mario]

For questions about the interactive LEGO Super Mario sets.

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Change Mario Yoshi pose

I'm returning to Lego as an adult and struggling with what I thought would be a small project. Please tell me if this is off topic but as it has a hard answer of no or this is how I though it would be ...
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Does the LEGO Mario app support three player?

There are 3 playable characters currently in the LEGO Mario theme (Mario, Luigi, and Peach). The app makes a two player mode available. Is it possible to play with all three characters in the app?
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Identify this Super Mario Lego set

My son has a super mario LEGO set and we lost the box with the instructions in it. Can someone tell me what Super Mario Set this is??
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How does the button on the Poltergust work?

I've seen that the Luigi's Mansion Lab (71397) set features the Poltergust: The basic idea of the in-game item is that it can reveal, suck, and blow enemies. It has a similar play feature shown on ...
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Are both a Mario and a Luigi required for 2-player mode?

The Luigi Starter Course advertises the ability to "team up for new adventures": Does this 2-player mode strictly require a second Luigi, or would a second Mario also work? What about 2 ...
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Does the Mario Starter Course require a smart device?

I've seen that the Mario Starter Course (71360) requires a smart device to play: I'm trying to limit the amount of screen time that my child consumes, and I'm wondering exactly how required the smart ...
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How does the LEGO Super Mario figure know which power up is attached?

The LEGO Super Mario theme includes an intelligent brick that interacts with various other elements present in the sets: There are several Power-up sets available that provide Mario with additional ...
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