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What is the reference of this part? Two short rounded bars with a circle between

It is similar to a lipstick piece but a bit shorter. I'm starting to wonder if it's even Lego but if seems pretty compatible with everything.
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What does "all wheel drive" actually mean in the Land Rover Defender set?

The Land Rover Defender is described by LEGO as "all wheel drive". There is no motor directly attached to power the wheels. The set cannot move unless we pull it by hand. So, what does "...
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6 votes
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Simple way to build large circular plates?

I was wondering if there is a simple way to create a large circle or circular plates. I want to build a MOC of the Hero Factory assembly tower (In LDD first) but most of the pieces that form circles ...
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Why do older bricks have greater clutch power?

I have some pre-2000 (rough date to split the collection to old/new) System and Technic sets that are from different sources: some are from my childhood, while others have been acquired in "used&...
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Why doesn’t part 30099 fit into the System?

Part 30099 - Brick Arch 1x5x4 Inverted doesn’t seem to fit into the LEGO system. I cannot find a part that fits on the bottom stud and provides continuity to the concave slope of the arch. A tile is ...
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