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Separating bricks? Cleaning parts? What should you use to do this without damaging your elements. This can also cover software tools used for cataloguing or designing.

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LEGO cleaning techniques and tools

Previously I've used toothbrushes but maybe these would eventually scratch the surface. What have you used? And was it easy? As well as cleaning, what about drying and buffing? Has anyone tried ...
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Cleaning between the studs of a build

I've unpacked a few of my models after moving home some time ago, these models have been in a cardboard boxes for several months and need cleaning: I've tried compressed air, which only makes some of ...
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How can I easily remove a jumper plate without a brick separator?

How can I easily remove a jumper plate? I find it very difficult to remove this kind of brick with a brick separator.
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What are some creative uses of the orange brick separator tool?

I have these piling up around my LEGO corner: Any suggestions for creative uses? Especially multiple?
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Is there a way to convert a 3D model into a lego sculpture?

After researching this question for a few days, I want to post it here so I can share what I learned in an answer, and hopefully learn some new techniques too. If anyone has found another way to do ...
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What tool can get the Technic pin out from a connection closed in the other end?

I'm having trouble removing these LEGO Technic pins apart from their connectors and I don't want to use carpenter tools like pliers which may damage the bricks. What tool can get the pieces separated ...
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How to unplug black friction pin connectors

Black friction pin without slots connectors are common in older Technic sets. Note that these were quickly replaced by the current version with slots that is much easier to remove. vs Especially ...
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What tool can get two 1x2 plates apart without damaging them?

Teeth and pliers tend to leave unsightly marks on the bricks. Fingernails don't work too well. What tool do you recommend to separate them?
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Can an axle be removed from this Technic 'brick paradox'?

This blogpost on Technic Bricks briefly explains a few 'brick paradoxes' or dead ends. This particular model seems impossible to disassemble by hand: How can I remove the axle without damaging/...
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Is there any application to keep an inventory of owned sets and pieces?

I'm looking for a desktop application that keeps track of sets and pieces owned. Ideally something that would look up LEGO databases such as Peeron or others in order to add the pieces in a set ...
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Is there a tool that can consistently remove hundreds of 2x2 Tiles?

I have hundreds of 2x2 Tiles that I use to create LEGO City scale footpaths and floors. They are arranged in a grid on baseplates in a similar way as shown below: Recently I had decided to rebuild ...
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Is there a way to keep large plates together more efficiently?

Whenever I'm building a baseplate for something such as a skyscraper, every time I put larger-scale pieces (such as an 8 by 4) onto the larger bottom piece (i.e. 16 by 16), there is always space under ...
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How to visually search for specific parts in a 3D model?

For a missed/loose piece that needs to be reattached, I plan to check all the steps where the piece was used. If I can also get an overview of the possible piece locations from the existing 3D models, ...
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How to cross compile for ev3dev using Docker

How to add ev3dev libraries/headers to docker cross-compile setup? I have assembled ev3dev on BrickPi (with Raspberry Pi 1 - chip BCM2835). I think, it all should be pretty similar for EV3 brick too. ...
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