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Questions tagged [tracks]

Questions about various tracks and track systems built from dedicated LEGO elements or individual bricks.

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14 votes
2 answers

Do regular Lego trains fit onto Duplo tracks?

I have a small kid and a bunch of LEGO Duplo train track. (Like what's in this set.) Would "grown up" sets, like the Emerald Night or Maersk trains, work on that track? They look pretty close (the ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Software to do Duplo train track layout?

Anyone know a way to create with a software DUPLO train track layout? The only thing I found is: It's a bit overkill for what I need and it's $US60, although ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Digital tool for roller coaster physics

I'm currently working on a roller coaster MOC with a looping. I started physically building the MOC but quickly recognised that it is quite a mess to build something, tear it down rebuild it, etc. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Electric train set not working - even though the light is on

My son just received an old LEGO 9V electric train (no model numbers or instructions) from a family member. I've set it up and turned it on. It lights up but when I put one of the trains or just the ...
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