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Questions tagged [trains]

A popular choice among AFOLs for building their own creations, Trains are now a sub-theme of LEGO City.

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Motor problems in 60051

The motor in my High Speed Passenger Train set (60051) has stopped working properly. I just put brand new batteries in and it acts just like if they were worn. Moreover, the little brown capacitor ...
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0 answers

IR remote 8879 - cannot control speed of the motor

I got the 7938 train set for my kid. I hook up the battery to the receiver and try the IR remote 8879 with it. The motor starts running/spinning, but I can not control the speed with the orange "...
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Repairing a 12V switch motor

My son caused me to dig up my old 12V lego trains. Surprisingly they mostly work, except for one part: This is ...
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Narrow gauge train wheels metal axle?

Anyone know some way, (or someone that makes a mod) to make narrow gauge wheels that actually roll fast? Something similar to the metal axle trucks that are used for standard gauge trains.
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