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25 votes
5 answers

How do you plan large structures for easy and safe transport to shows?

Imagine I am building a large display that will cover many square feet and have both tall buildings and lots of small details. What are some techniques for making these things modular? Is it safer to ...
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12 votes
4 answers

How do I move assembled LEGO sets?

How do I move large sets put together? We do not have the instructions or original box. We are moving from one home to another.
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7 votes
3 answers

What is the best way to transport a large quantity of LEGO bricks?

I have a decently sized collection (thousands of bricks/hundreds of sets/a bunch of bins) from my childhood, but they're all at my parents' house. I live in the US and a couple states away from my ...
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Selling bulk LEGO

I have most Star Wars sets, plus the complete Enterprise. They have been taken apart and I do not have all instructions. What is the best suggestion to sell? I also have the Death Star dismantled. ...
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