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21 votes
5 answers

How can I motorize City-scale wheels?

I'd like to build city-scale (6 studs wide) vehicles motorized with either PF motor or clockwork. The primary problem right now is connecting wheel(s) to motor. Are there small enough LEGO wheels with ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Steering mechanism for City-scale vehicle

I'd like to build city-scale (6 studs wide) motorized vehicles with PF remote control. There are already several suggestions on how to motorize wheels. The next challenge is steering mechanism that ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How to build a steerable remote-controlled vehicle with just 1 motor?

In WeDo 2.0 set there is only 1 motor, which can be remotely switched on and off by using the iPad app (by writing a Scratch program). Also motor rotating direction can be toggled remotely. As an ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Issues with my LEGO Land Rover Defender - Low rear

Just built the 42110 LEGO Land Rover Defender and found the rear of the car sitting very low on its base and the rear wheels almost touching the wheel arches. This is very low compared to the front ...
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