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Issue during VW T2 Volkswagen (10279) van assembly

My build does not match instructions on page 41: When I place blue piece on top of the crossbar, there are spaces on either side not one space. I have been extremely careful in following directions. ...
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How to fix the Lego Technic RC Stunt Racer (42095) set's turning drift?

I just finished the Lego 42095 Stunt Racer and noticed that there is a slight drift to the right when it drives forward. It works fine in reverse mode - reverses in a straight line. Any suggestions, ...
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Front driveshafts on landrover defender don't stay in place

The front driveshafts on my Land Rover Defender keep falling out, then the cogs fall out of the front differential. I have done them three times as per the manual, but every time I get the same result....
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