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Used for old vintage LEGO sets and pieces.

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I got a vintage roof brick that is very nice but can’t find what it is?

I got these parts in a lot, but can’t find any history or brand or set on them?
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Help identifying bricks - non lego

Please help me identify this non-lego brick set. I got this bricks set in the 1980's and had a lot of fun with them. But I cannot find what they are. I lost the box, but i remember there was a castle ...
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Can someone indentify this clone brand?

Just bought some 12 kilos of unsorted Lego. As usual there is some other stuff mixed up as well. Among other things around 60 bricks of some clone brand that I have never seen before. Mostly 4x2 and ...
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Fit motor to old tractor

I'd like to motorise this tractor I built from an old Lego book. I've 4.5 volt motors. The model is 6 studs wide, the motor is only 4, and since the tractor uses big wheels it would be too fast. Is ...
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Identify these vintage-looking clone-brand minifigs

I have been given them with a lot of blocks from years back. The blocks have higher plates than Lego, and the underneath looks like Loc Blocs / Brix Blox / Kawada… but searching these brands doesn’t ...
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