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Questions regarding the weight of a LEGO brick, set, or instruction booklet.

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2 answers

How heavy is the LEGO Gold Brick?

In this article, it says: [The Gold Brick is] literally made from 14-karat gold As anyone who has held gold before knows, it is heavy. Therefore, what is the weight of this brick?
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2 answers

Can LDD or Studio calculate the weight of your model?

I have made a model of mine in LDD, and I want to know its weight. Is there any feature in LDD that can calculate the estimated weight of your model? If not, is it available in other software like ...
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7 votes
2 answers

A query about the balance of the 42130 - BMW M 1000 RR model

I have reached assembly step 632. The bike has a tendency to lean forward with most of the weight at the front, and is only just staying on the display stand. Has anyone else experienced this issue? ...
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What is the fastest way to estimate the number of pieces in a large collection?

I have a relatively large LEGO collection and I would like to know roughly how many pieces I have; however, it would not be worth my time to count each piece individually. Is there a faster way to ...
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What is average weight of booklets (instructions) in %?

As far as I understand weight of sets is noted on bricklink and other places includes all. I did not see how to list set's items along with weight in table on bricklink to check for that. Am I correct ...
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8 votes
5 answers

How can I make my robot heavier?

I'm building a 3kg LEGO EV3 sumo robot and I need to make it as small as possible. Which LEGO items do you recommend to add more weight on it? (tires, plates, wheels, blocks, minifigs etc.)
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5 votes
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How much does the NXT brick weigh?

I am working on a project that involves LEGO Mindstorms bricks but for some tasks I want to know the weight of the NXT brick, so I would be pleased if anyone can help me.
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18 votes
5 answers

How much does a LEGO brick weigh?

I am trying to do a science project and I need the exact weight of one of the LEGO pieces. I am using it as a counter balance on my scale. What is the weight of a 1x4 LEGO brick?
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7 votes
2 answers

How much does the Luke's Landspeeder (8092) weigh?

I am considering buying Luke's Landspeeder (8092). However, because I will be traveling soon, I would like to know the set's weight first. doesn't list the weight, only the piece count and ...
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16 votes
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Under what conditions are the LEGO boardgame dice unfair, and by how much?

For LEGO's board game line, they have moulded a LEGO die, with a 2x2 stud pattern on each side. Obviously, weight distribution is going to be thrown off if you use a full studless plate on one side ...
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36 votes
3 answers

What is inside the "weight element" brick?

I own a few bricks that contain a weight inside of them. 52g according to Lego. What exactly is inside of these bricks that makes them heavy?
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41 votes
5 answers

What is the largest single LEGO piece?

What is the largest single LEGO piece ever produced? This does not include LEGO affiliates like Duplo. Clarifications It must be a purchasable block. By largest, I mean largest by Volume/Weight of ...
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