That is the fuselage of 9962 Supersonic Fighter: However, it appears that the stickers haven’t been applied.


I would not recommend Power Functions if you are just getting started, as that system is being retired. It sounds like Technic Control+ should meet your needs. A set like the Off-road Buggy (42124) might be a good place to start: That set provides two motors and a Bluetooth hub for forward, reverse, and steering controls from your smartphone. You can create ...


BuWizz has announced the BuWizz 3.0 Pro which has Powered Up compatible ports. The product page says: Expected Delivery: End of March 2021


One possible replacement for the soon to be retiring Power Functions remote is the one included in Remote Controlled Stunt Racer, however this remote appears to be more limited, only offering 2 "forward/reverse" channels (one of which could be configured to control a steering column), rather than the 4 channels offered by the original. This is also ...

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