Indeed, there haven’t been any models of 12 Grimmauld Place as of yet, and even though the house features in a number of memorable scenes in the movies, even those scenes have never been depicted in an official LEGO model since the inception of the theme 20 years ago. I am still keeping my hopes up this will be a set, perhaps even including the folding ...


With some Power Functions elements and a few extra pieces, it's pretty easy to turn the Rally Car into an RC car. Here's a quick demo video of my design in action. And here are the instructions I made for it. Required extra pieces First you are going to need some extra pieces: Power Functions: 1x - Servo Motor 1x - IR Receiver 1x - Battery Box 1x - L-...


Rebrickable has an option to compare set's main models and some of the B-models as well. However there is no inventory for second model for 8285 set available on Rebrickable. The best I could find is a LDraw file available on Eurobricks. I've imported this file as a custom list on Rebrickable that could be used to compare with sets and MOCs. Imported file ...


You're describing rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/ Besides official models, also hundreds of fan created models are available. It's a terrific resource


You can use the Compare Sets function on Rebrickable for that (if the B model is an official model or a MOC on Rebrickable). Here an example for both official models from the 42069 set.

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