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How to distinguish official LEGO mini movies from non-official movies?

Hello Eran's family! How are you all doing today? Please try these methods instead: The Publisher's Home Page - DON'T go directly to the search box to search the term "LEGO city mini movies", but ...
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Why isn't the LEGO logo on studs in more official computer animated shows, movies, and games?

I can not give a clear answer for licencing, as that is a very broad topic covering various mediums and possibly covers legislation across nations and regions. There are a few practical design cases I ...
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How did they make the LEGO Batman cutscenes?

Most likely Autodesk Maya and possibly some other tools based on LEGO internal parts libraries like the Easy Builder Tool or Brick Builder. All of those games are made by Traveller's Tales. In a ...
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How did they make the LEGO Batman cutscenes?

Here is a good little write up from Animal Logic, who made the Lego Movie, Lego Batman Movie, etc: A lot of it is custom built for them and they ...
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