Questions based on sets from our Annual Support Package from The LEGO Group

As a Recognised LEGO Online Community The LEGO Group send us an Annual Support Package containing a number sets for us to use.

We have decided that the best use of these sets is to offer them to the community to help seed questions and answers that prominently feature elements of that set in some way.

2018 Support Package

The following sets were included in our 2018 Support Package:

  • Ideas: Fishing Store (21310), Women of NASA (21312)
  • Architecture: Sydney (21032), Shanghai (21039)
  • Brick Headz: Rey, Kylo, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash
  • Technic: 42074, 42077
  • Creator: 31072, 31075, 31080, 31074
  • Classic: 10712, 10715
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