I've wanted to do something similar since I took part in a public event last year and we had trains running continuously on separate little ovals. My ambition was to have two stations, each with some switches, and run one train at a time between them and switch it to an empty track where it would stop. Since I already had two RCXs, my solution was to place ...


To get the actual time of day, you can use the mindsensors.com Realtime Clock Sensor.


LDCC provides a lego solution if you are willing to look for 9V track and modify the motors. There are an endless number of things you can do combining DCC and Mindstorms NXT amoung other things. It really has a lot to do with how much time you personally want to invest. It doesn't matter if it is HO or L(LEGO) scale, they both require a large investment of ...


I think I'd use the ultrasound sensor instead of the touch sensor (or the brightness sensor with the light turned on in a dark tunnel). I haven't tried this but I'd worry about the touch sensor derailing or scratching the train. Otherwse, your system sounds pretty doable. The collision risk could be addressed by setting up the sensor a little further before ...


Time is thought of as a sensor value, measured in seconds. The Timer sensor can be used directly, as part of a Wait For block, as part of a Loop block.


Lego NXT vacuum cleaner project included charging station http://www.plastibots.com/index.php/2010/11/13/pulito-featuring-dflex/

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