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Did LEGO ever make motorised boats?

LEGO had a "Accessory Motor for Boats" included in small number of boats/sets but also released as Accessory Motor for Boats polybag (7099) add-on. Sets that included the motor in Orange are ...
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What is this heavy red LEGO piece with no obvious connectors?

It's a Boat Keel Weighted 8 x 2 x 4.
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Did LEGO ever make motorised boats?

The Lego police boat (set 4010, from 1987) had a notch for fitting a motor on the bottom of the hull and it was referenced in its instructions: The instructions read, in several languages: In some ...
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Which are the largest LEGO ships that actually float?

The largest LEGO ship that officially floats in water is the Cargo Ship that comes in 7994-1 LEGO City Harbor: It is the only set which contains the 74 x 18 x 7 Boat Hull, which is the largest boat ...
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What is this heavy red LEGO piece with no obvious connectors?

I second Henrik's answer: I immediately recognize this part of this boat I used to play in my bath a lot with when I was a kid:
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What is water displacement value for LEGO solid hulls?

It looks like the simpler problem would be to evaluate the boat hulls you could possibly find to see if any would displace 485 grams of water with enough free board to stay afloat. Here is a list of ...
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