I have seen a number of very creative builds with the orange brick separator. Here are some examples: Spaceship by F@bz: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fabz71/12434428513/ Mech by Lewis Meeny: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tr0jinh0rse/11318913594/ Deep Sea Explorer by Keith Reed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keithreed/12943153094/ And my favorite is this ...


How about a Minifig scale playground slide? There is a connection point for an Technic Axle connector to provide the support for the slide and two stud connections to add a ladder.


To add to TheBrickBlogger's suggestions, F@bz has another spaceship that I believe is worth mentioning: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fabz71/21111423905/ I recall seeing an awesome dinosaur made almost entirely out of Brick Separators on Flickr a while back (and I believe it was called a Separatosaurus) but all my searches have been futile so far. That said,...


One thing I've been using some of my brick separators for is in the construction of wedges for robotics and competition builds. The semi-sharp prying edge is sharper than most parts, and the angle is decent enough for a low wedge. They have no strong connectors of their own, but the height of the brick edge is 2 plates tall, meaning it will fit well between ...


My guess would be that they wanted to include one in more sets; so they made a smaller (cheaper) version and took the opportunity to add functionalities, such as the technic axle remover or the flat end for removing tiles easily. If I'm not mistaken, this version works on jumper plates too; which wasn't the case with the old one.


This is a good idea for brick separators!


The new brick separator is smaller, therefore uses less plastic and is cheaper to mass produce, it also means it can fit better into tighter spaces. It has a pusher to remove Technic pins and a chiselled edge to pry off tiles, there is a middle hole in the two female stud connections which allows you to remove 1X2 'jumper tiles'. The additional Technic ...


I use them to get stubborn batteries out of remotes, to open stiff ports on device cases, and to get under tabs on soda cans....I want one on a keychain!

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