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The Brick Experiment Channel on Youtube shows a Lego Drone that flies. It's built with a combination of Lego propellors, Lego Power Functions L motors, a Lego frame, and some non-Lego flight-control computer, radio receiver, and batteries. This is a truly amazing feat, showing how deep knowledge of the Lego motors and technic ...


Attack on the Clones: The Purist Punch-Back! I'm posting up these clone brick instructions at the very bottom below, but I'm going further by offering a free digital instruction file to build this model with official LEGO bricks through instead. This model has 3 pieces that aren't direct clones,so they don't exist in LEGO, but we can easily ...


It's kinda chunky, but the best I can come up with is 42446 + 2555: + = It would leave a half-plate gap on one side if they only have 1 holster though, but at-least you keep the regular minifig legs. NOTE: This probably wouldn't be considered a "legal" connection, due to the semi-octagonal shape of the leg connectors. It's definitely possible to put ...


Three 1x1 plates, two 1x1 round bricks, and one 1x1 plate with clip.


The best frame rate depends on what are you making or if you have started only a few times ago. If you started now, I recommend 12 FPS to start learning the movements basic. If you already started months/years ago the best frame rate is 15 FPS. But if you want a really smooth look or something else, use 24.

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