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Identify this license plate holder piece

There are two variant of that, which look very similar: Stud.IO lists them as: Brick, Modified 2 x 4 - 1 x 4 with Recessed Studs and Thick Side Arches Brick, Modified 2 x 4 - 1 x 4 with Recessed ...
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Identify this license plate holder piece

This pieces is indeed hard to find, as it is used in building vehicles but does not have a name that has anything to do with that purpose. It is part number 52038 and is called Brick, Modified 2 x 4 - ...
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How can I create synthetic imagery (rendering) of LEGO models?

The Studio tool from BrickLink uses the LDraw Parts library and has both the POV-Ray renderer as well as a "Photo Real" renderer baked in for some fairly realistic renderings of your models. ...
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In what colours can I build my whole model?

I could not find a tool with this ability, so I made one using the Rebrickable API. You can find it here: It parses an LDraw file and ...
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How to generate Duplo instructions?

I can see some Duplo bricks in LDraw parts library, which is used by as well, so you should be able to work out instructions the same way you do with usual bricks. One thing to note is that ...
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Identify this license plate holder piece

Double nods to Phil B. and Zhaph - Ben Duguid ♦ for offering correct answers, but Mark Thrill has provided further detail that might be a program issue, or he might have just said these words in jest. ...
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Which resolution is necessary to print bricks with a 3D printer?

I have actually tried 3d printing lego on a prusa i3 printer at I think 5 microns using PLA. I found that they worked fine initially but they quickly started to lose their grip. I think the issue was ...
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How to include submodel into main model in LeoCAD?

I have now figured out that you can include submodels the same way as normal parts. In LeoCAD, go to the parts panel where you can select a category ("All Parts", "Parts in Use", ...), scroll to the ...
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Importing 3ds file in ldraw (LeoCAD)

.3DS is a 3D image file format, a rendering of what you designed in LeoCAD. All information necessary to recreate your build (i.e. what bricks to use) will be stripped from it. I suppose that ...
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1 vote

Submodel does not show properly in LPub3D

It looks like I might not be doing anything wrong after all. If I switch the preferred renderer from native to LDView under Preferences everything looks fine. Maybe I should mention that I am using ...
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Can you print a LEGO Powered Up connector with a 3D printer?

Yep. See my writeup here: Done that, works.
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How do I make instructions from my .ldr/.lxf files on OSX?

LDD will produce printable instructions on its own. You can print these into PDF files. Do you not like the LDD-produced instructions?
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Lego Digital Designer on OS X El Capitan?

You can install WINE to run LDD for Windows.
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Lego Digital Designer on OS X El Capitan?

LEGO Software in general doesn't work that great with Apple computers (I a speaking from experience). Try a couple of different solutions by searching the web, and contact LEGO Support. Hope you find ...
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