I have another case for 4 connections. 18592 - Propeller 3 Blade 13 Diameter (Ninjago Airjitzu Flyer Vortex Rotor), can be attached to 2 x 4 brick with a help of following 3 parts below: 18590 - Technic, Gear 8 Tooth with Pin Holes and Ninjago Flywheel Socket - Short Shaft 18585 - Brick, Modified 2 x 4 with Pin Holes and Flywheel Socket (Ninjago Airjitzu ...


Are you counting sub-assemblies as separate pieces? How about part 983 a Minifigure hand. That requires 981 Arm, 973 Torso, 970 Hips, and 971 a Leg. For a minimum total of four interconnections.


Maybe one of the LEGO storage systems (https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lego-8-stud-black-storage-brick-drawer-5005718) or apparel could be a candidate?

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