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Attack on the Clones: The Purist Punch-Back! I'm posting up these clone brick instructions at the very bottom below, but I'm going further by offering a free digital instruction file to build this model with official LEGO bricks through instead. This model has 3 pieces that aren't direct clones,so they don't exist in LEGO, but we can easily ...


Looking closely at the picture: Those bricks aren't LEGO at all, they are from some unidentified clone brand. I cannot see any logos on top of the studs (neither LEGO or any other).


So, I just Googled "GUDI" + "catalogue" and it brought me to the knockoff's parent company "Guangdong Xinlexin Education and Culture Co.,Ltd" or Xinlexin's GUDI product line has two subcategories that match the color scheme of these pieces. Princess Alice line. Modern Girls line. Below are pictures from both lines that comprise of around 23 ...


I don't think they are LEGO due to the holes in the middle of the studs. LEGO pieces also say "LEGO" somewhere on them, so I bet that they are a 3rd party brand.


No set listed on bricklink or brickset contains 4 of the rounded 1x2 plates in yellow, at most 2, so this is either no set or it is not listed yet on those sites. Also it's a relatively small amount of bricks (48), too few to amount to a set.

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