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This is the KRE-O 10162, which first appeared in a blue version from the early version of KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Dino Hauler, working as a ball for the midsection of the truck. Sadly, this has later been altered to be black. White and gray versions can be found below: USS Missouri:


These are from Wuhui ( or Wuhui mall) WUHUI 12PCS SWAT Military Army WW2 Minifigures Toy Building Kit


This is one of Eastern Germany's (DDR) two brick systems (created by typical VEBs and I'd be suprised if you find those letters anywhere printed on the bricks): most likely Formo because of the simplicity of the backside and how basic all the bricks are - you should not be able to combine it with Lego bricks and these bricks are rather difficult to ...

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