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It looks like these darker are the same bricks in Blue that have simply "yellowed" over time, which changes the shade of the color. Another answer explains the reason behind this process.


Lots for Sale - this contains colors in which current part is being listed for sale. On Wanted list - this shows which colors Bricklink members have added to their "wanted list". It doesn't mean parts in this color have existed. Most likely this being used to add non-existing color to list of wanted items and mark for notification. In such case if wanted ...


The best way to figure out what colors a set of parts have in common is to use BrickLink’s digital design software. I am unable to show screenshots at the moment, but here are the steps: Open Place the parts in question on your virtual building workspace (doesnt matter in which color) Select all the parts together, either by: using the ...


As Alex mentioned, part of the variance can be attributed to yellowing, especially the ones pointed at with the arrow. For the remainder, I think you are looking at variations in color introduced in the production process ... see this question for more details: LEGO color discrepancies and tint variations


Unfortunately, you need to check available color for each individual part: 3003 3023 3068 11203 From what I can see most of the colors 11203 comes in are available in other parts as well. Following your edit I can suggest another option for you - Color Guide. Select a color and click on Parts column to find all parts available in particular color.

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