No, the Robot Commander app downloads and runs a program on your EV3. If you already have a program running, it will be stopped and the program downloaded by the commander app will run instead.


The commander app is very limited in it's capabilities. Unfortunately it is not possible to control your own program with the commander app. I have tried all of the built-in EV3 Commander control pads to see if any of them were suitable. The closest thing I could find to a solution would be to use the 'EV3RSTORM' control pad. The 'Go', 'Back', 'Left' and ...


You cannot have more than one control per motor. If you have two controls, the signals are essentially sent to the EV3 at the same time, so only the second one will seem to work because it immediately changes whatever what sent by the first. In your example, with 2 buttons, the buttons either command the motor to move or stop. If neither button is pressed, ...

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