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Possibly 31045 Ocean Explorer? Has hook Tugboat appearance 3-in-1 Red and Dark Blue one model is a plane If that's not it, you can browse Bricklink for sets containing hooks. I'm guessing you probably saw the modern "Hook with Towball" piece


After zooming the image and identifying the windscreen, I searched the Bricklink catalog and found the #4402 Sea Riders set in the list of sets using that windscreen in trans-black: More details and instructions can be found here.


It's the main module from Record and Play (set 4095): This part was only included in this set released in 2003. The part contains several motors and some electronics that allow you to record motor movements and then play them back. Pressing the red button would let you record movements for a maximun of 20 seconds by adjusting the motors and the green ...


01 - Part #6003 - Plate, Round Corner 6 x 6. [Color] Dark Bluish Grey. 02 - Part #3795 - Plate 2 x 6. [Color] Dark Bluish Grey. 03 - Part #3700 Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole. [Color] Black. 04 - Part #60897 - Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical - Type 4 (thick open O clip). [Color] Black. 05 - Part #3024 - Plate 1 x 1. [Color] Black. 06 - ...


Yes, both items contain the same M-Motor part.


From your description I would assume it was 31045-1: Ocean Explorer - Brickset


According to Brickset there were indeed stability problems with set #10213, which was originally intended to be a strictly display piece for the 16+ age group. As a response, the 10213 was retired, and a reinforced version (#10231) has been sold instead. If you are stuck with the first, unstable edition, you could try applying these alternative instructions. ...


That's 98613c01 - Hero Factory Arm / Leg Extender with Ball Joint and Ball Socket on BrickLink. LEGO call this item Ball Cup High Friction W. Rubber and use 74261 (design ID) and 6106472 (Element number) for latest sets. LEGO doesn't always have full list of parts within a set as this depends on parts availability (maybe some other reasons too). You would ...


You clearly are thinking of Roaring Roadsters.


These instructions are from 4505-1: Sea Machines Complete instructions book (PDF)


Based on the yellow windscreen and the red tiles 1 x 4, these bags belong to: 6753-1 - Highway Transport

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