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I'm unsure if you are trying to improve your general building skills or specific ev3. In case you are looking for tutorials on general building techniques has a list of some tutorials. This site also features pictures of creations other people have made.


Well by what I know it sounds pretty old so I suppose you might have to buy a new one. Sorry if this does not help you.


The location of the crash logs would depend on the system you are using. I have mapped out the three candidates below: If you are using the classic LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education software: Open your existing or a new experiment. Go to the Tools menu and select Data Log File Manager. Browse to the .rdf file and click the Import button. (It can be on the brick ...


The official answer is NO. EV3 Python only supports Windows 10 or version 1803 or newer. The page from the Documentation listing the system requirements are linked below: EV3 Documentation - Minimum system requirements That being said, there might be some trick to still getting it to work, but this is outside the supported scope. Everything hinges on the EV3 ...

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