Looks like it could come from one of two Fabuland sets, Bonnie Bunny's Camper or Charlie Crow's Carry-All. The radiator piece also comes in The Fabuland House. Given your bird man as driver, I'm going with Charlie Crow's Carry-All.


This is Boris Bulldog a.k.a. fab2c: Fabuland Figure Bulldog 3 with Police Hat it appears in the following sets 3603: Boris Bulldog and Mailbox 3786: Boris Bulldog 3793: Boris Bulldog and Mailbox


It's a Fabuland minifigure like the one found in this set: Here's a link to the specific figure on Bricklink: http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?M=fab2c


Brickset has a list of 89 Fabuland figures. Bricklink has a list of 93 Fabuland figures, these include variations in accessories. Fabuland.net states there are 142 characters in 80 variations and has a full list of characters including which sets they were sold with. If you were to collect one of every animal type (excluding colour variations) you would at ...


I'm not sure how official of a list you are looking for, but there are 93 Fabuland minifigs listed on Bricklink: Here's the full list from there: fab1a Fabuland Figure Bear 1 fab1c Fabuland Figure Bear 2 fab1b Fabuland Figure Bear 3 Fab2k Fabuland Figure Bulldog 1 fab2e (Inv) Fabuland Figure Bulldog 1 with Fire Helmet fab2a (Inv) Fabuland ...


The Fabuland figures and sets were produced between 1979 and 1989. According to the BrickLink Catalog - which has the most comprehensive list of LEGO minifigures ever released - there are 93 Fabuland characters. Some of these however are slight variations (i.e. same animal, different color torso/legs/arms). You can find the full list here: List of LEGO ...

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