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Piece identification (Sphere)

It looks like there are three individual pieces. A small metal ball (Probably not LEGO) A translucent connector (Probably not LEGO) A red LEGO Technic Cross Axle (6538) The red piece seems to share ...
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Sort the program list on EV3

There's not an easy way to do it, but a workaround I've found is to go to the project management tab (which is the wrench icon next to the programs at the top of a project) and export each program ...
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What strategy should FLL teams use to pick their next robot mission?

First off, that website is horrible, so much clicking on expandable things, a terrible UI. The PDF download of the rules is better. Looking through the missions I notice a few things: None of the ...
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Sort the program list on EV3

There is no way besides running the programs in the opposite order of which you need it to be. If it doesn't work try again.
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